Aliens Infestation keeps getting better


I still haven’t been able to pick this up, so I’m planning on making it a holiday purchase.

Aliens: Infestation is one of the few games that makes player death mean something. There are a finite amount of marines in the game, and once one dies, he or she is gone forever. You can reload the game at a previous save point, but those are few and far between, especially in the earlier sections of the game. The marines in the game all have the same abilities and share weapon upgrades, but they look and act differently in the story sections. You’ll like some more than others, which means you may want to protect one marine and send another to fight a boss or make it through a long session between save points. Being low on health can be terrifying, especially when your motion sensor shows you a screen filled with enemies.

For those who have already played it, what do you think?

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